Friday, October 2, 2009


I thought that I would write about Skype. For those of you unfamiliar with Skype, where have you been?  ;-)

Skype combines VoIP and instant messaging in their proprietary product. As I'm writing this, Skype was recently sold or a large stack of it was sold by Ebay.

I've been using Skype for awhile and I have 2 Skype phones. One Skype phone works via WiFi and the other Skype phone works via a cordless handset where the charging dock is plugged into a network cable. I've also used Skype on my PC/laptop/netbook.

I find the audio and video quality of Skype when using my PC/netbook to be very good. I've also used Skype via my carrier's 3G network and I find that the voice quality is acceptable for short calls but for longer calls because of the latency which can be ten times larger than what I get with my land based internet service, conversations can sometimes get annoying.

I used to subscribe to the unlimited US/Canada plan but because I have many long distance options available to me, I cancelled my Skype voice plan after the first year but continue to use my account for Skype to Skype text chatting or Skype to Skype voice chatting as well as the occasional Skype to phone (pay per use).

If you have any questions/comments regarding my review on Skype, please don't hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section.

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