Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aluratek's USB 2.0 External Slim Multi-Format 8X DVD Reader/Writer with Software Review

I purchased Aluratek's external slim multi-format DVD reader/writer a few months ago when it was on sale.

It is USB powered and requires 2 free USB ports (must be powered ports so if you plug it into a USB hub, the USB hub must be powered by something other than your computer's USB port) on your computer, netbook, or laptop in order to work. The device will not work properly/efficiently in non-powered USB hubs.

I purchased this device mainly to install some software and/or watch DVD movies on my Acer Aspire One. I have not tried this device with the ASUS Eee PC 701SD except to use it in order to install Windows XP Home on the Eee PC. My feeling about using it on the ASUS Eee PC 701 SD is that this netbook is very slow and I wouldn't trust it to burn DVDs since I expect that there will be a lot CD/DVD "coasters" as a result of using this netbook to burn CD/DVD.

According to the specifications, this external DVD reader/burner:
  • Supports DVD R / RW / RAM discs, and CD-R / RW discs
  • Fast and easy burning and copying of CDs and DVDs
  • Writing Speed: 8X DVD+R, 8X DVD+RW, 6X DVD+R DL (Dual Layer), 8X DVD-R, 6X DVD-RW, 6X DVD-R DL (Dual Layer), 5X DVD-RAM, 24X CD-R, and 24X CD-RW
  • Tray loading drive for easy access to media
  • USB 2.0 bus powered, No external power adapter needed
  • Plug-n-Play, No driver needed

I have not tried it with all the formats but for the DVD-R that I did burn, there wasn't any problems. It was also able to read the CD-R and DVD-R burnt from my home PC without any issues.

I only have 2 complaints about this drive. My first complaint about this drive is that (at least with the one that I purchased), it seems to be of cheap construction. In fact, on my unit, the screws were not securely screwed into the unit. I had to do this myself. My second complaint about this drive is that the tray will sometimes be "jammed" when you press the eject button. My feeling as to why this happens is because the tray is at a very slight angle. When the drive becomes "jammed", it requires moving the tray slightly with either a fingernail or a thin small object like a paper clip or small screwdriver. If you do this, the spring will eject the tray.

My personal feeling about this drive is that it is okay but I would only purchase it when/if it goes is on sale because of what I perceive as being "cheap" construction. Even with the "cheap" construction/workmanship, it does get the job done with the things that I used it for. I like the size of it and the fact that it is USB powered (even if it requires 2 USB POWERED ports on the computer/laptop/netbook/hub).

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