Sunday, March 25, 2012

YouTube on LG Smart TV Upgrader Box ST600 Review

I've decided to make another blog entry about the LG Smart TV Upgrader Box ST600. This time I wanted to write about the/my YouTube experience using this box.

When I first got the box and used it to watch some YouTube clips/videos, I was not overly impressed with it. The videos would pause/buffer often even when I was sure that my internet bandwidth was more than sufficient to support the stream because I didn't have the same pausing/buffering experience with watching NFB videos or Netflix videos using the same box (and the same internet connection).

However, after upgrading the firmware to ST.8.79.202, I would like to say that I'm satisfied with the video/audio quality that I'm getting when I'm watching YouTube videos with the box.

The YouTube screen has a menu on the top of the screen which shows 8 options: Featured, Recent Videos, Most Viewed, Top Rated, Search, History, Sign In, and Local Site.

I don't spend a lot of time using my box to watch YouTube videos. I will do the occasional search on a specific video or topic such as "Nikon D5100" and I will watch a few videos on the topic. The video and audio quality that I've experienced with the box and the ST.8.79.202 firmware update is very good. It used to buffer/pause a lot with the older firmware but now, the buffering/pausing that I used to get is as rare as what I see with NFB or Netflix. You can either watch the video fullscreen or using ~40% of the screen where the remaining 40% of the screen is the video description with 20% of the screen shows some of the LG Smart TV Upgrader box's menu options and titles/headings).

I've tried to watch some of the free movies available on YouTube that I've seen on my computer using the LG Smart TV box but these movies are apparently not supported since they don't show up when I try to search for the movies. The pay movies also don't show up in the search.

I've logged in using my YouTube account (actually using my Google account) and it doesn't seem to give me any additional functionality except to give a different history list. The videos that I watched on my computer were not reflected in the history list on on the LG Smart TV Upgrader Box even though I was signed in using the same account. The only thing that I think that signing in might allow for (although I haven't tested it) is the ability to watch videos that have a more mature rating.

I've also changed the Local Site setting from "Worldwide" to "Canada" and I didn't notice any difference in the menu or the items found in the search or videos selected in the other menu options.

Overall, I would say that I'm satisfied with watching YouTube videos using the LG Smart TV Upgrader box (although as I mentioned, I don't use it a lot for watching YouTube videos).

If you have any comments/questions regarding this blog entry, please don't hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section below.


  1. Today, there was an update that changed the YouTube experience when using the LG Smart TV Upgrader Box. To access your YouTube account on the LG Smart TV Upgrader box, on your computer you now have to go to: and enter a code which is generated by your LG Smart TV Upgrader box. I will create a new blog entry for using the LG Smart TV Upgrader box to watch YouTube videos at a later date after I've had a chance to test out the changes.

  2. after upgrading my LG smart upgrader to st.8.79.207.f (this was an automatic upgrade), on youtube, I have now lost the menu showing Featured, Recent Videos, Most Viewed, Top Rated, Search, History etc. I have successfully followed the steps to link youtube to my computer using the steps you have described above and this doesn't seem to make any difference to the features, only offering to pair your screen with a mobile device. Any one else having this problem?

  3. Thank you x for reading and posting a commment on my blog.

    My LG Smart TV Upgrader box is currenting running ST.8.79.207. There is no "F" at the end of mine. Not that I think it would have made a difference, I just checked for updates in the Setup menu and it indicates that what I have is current although when I power up my ST600 box, it automatically checks for updates when it connects tot he internet.

    The menu structure has drastically changed from ST.8.7.202 to ST.8.79.207. I'm not sure if you're getting the same menu as I am with my current ST.8.79.207 with your ST.8.79.207.F. I wrote an updated blog entry regarding my YouTube experience with the ST600 box today running ST.8.79.207 at

    Sorry I couldn't help you further.

  4. I can't sign in on youtube LG smart tv. Why?

  5. Thank you sakura for reading and posting a comment on my blog.

    I'm not sure why you aren't able to sign in onto YouTube from your LG Smart TV. Are you referring to an LG Smart TV or an LG Smart TV Upgrader ST600 box?

    If you're referring to an LG Smart TV Upgrader ST600 box, have you tried upgrading the firmware? Also, what firmware do you have on your ST600 box?

    If you're referring to an LG Smart TV, I don't have any LG Smart TV so I'm unable to offer any suggestions/help.

  6. Hi,
    My LG TV (47LM6XX) is keep asking for activation every time, mostly, when I open Youtube.
    Are you aware of any fix?

    1. Thank you butter lion for reading and taking the time to comment on my blog.

      Unfortunately, I'm not aware of the problem that you mentioned with your LG TV (47LM6XX) since my television is not an LG television (nor is it a "smart" television which is why I purchased my LG Smart TV Uprgrader Box). With my LG Smart TV ST600 Upgrader Box, I've only had to enter the YouTube activation once.

      The only suggestion that I have is to see whether LG has an updated software/firmware for your television and then attempt to update it. With my LG Smart TV ST600 Upgrader Box, LG releases firmware/software updates every few months. They might regularly release updates for your television as well.