Sunday, May 20, 2012

YouTube on LG Smart TV Upgrader Box ST600 Review (Updated)

Since the last time I wrote about using the LG Smart TV Upgrader Box ST600 to watch YouTube videos, there was a firmware update to it which invalidates most of what I wrote in my previous blog entry located *HERE*. I wrote a comment in my own blog entry mentioning that instead of using your YouTube/Google account to log in, it now requires using your computer to go to and then enter a code which is generated by the LG Smart TV Upgrader box.

As of this blog entry, the firmware is ST.8.79.207. For my previous blog entry regarding using the LG Smart TV Upgrader Box to watch YouTube videos, the firmware was at ST.8.79.202.

In terms of the video/audio quality, I will say that the upgraded firmware version is comparable to what I was getting with the older firmware.

The most noticeable change with the firmware is that the menu for YouTube has been revamped/altered drastically. The menu is now on the left side of the screen instead of on the top and the selections are "Discover Channels", "Search", "My YouTube", and "Featured".

For the "Discovered Channels", you have a submenu (on the side of the screen) that includes Animation, Automobiles, Beauty & Fashion, Causes & Non-Profits, Celebrity & Gossip, Comedy, Cooking & Health, Family, Film & Entertainment, Gaming, How To & DIY, Music, News & Politics, Science & Education, Sports, Technology, and VLOG Stars.

Within the "Featured" menu, you have YouTube Trends, Gaming, Music, Sports, Film & Animation, Most Popular, and Most Liked.

I've tried the various menu options and it basically shows a selection of videos that are related to the category. The News & Politics selection seems to be limited to US news even though I'm located in Canada.

When I actually watch YouTube with my LG Smart TV Upgrader Box ST600, I normally just use the "Search" feature and the "My YouTube" feature.

The "Search" feature allows you to search the videos for a specific topic in the exact same way as what I reviewed in my previous blog entry. After playing the first video, it will automatically go to the next video within the selection.

The "My YouTube" feature allows you to watch videos or channels that you've subscribed to using your Google/YouTube account.

Excluding the drastic change in the menu (and the new way used to link your Google/YouTube account to the ST600 box), not much has changed in terms of video/audio quality from what I stated in my previous review and this review. Videos will sometimes buffer/pause but not that often and this will depend on the internet bandwidth available. I find that videos will buffer/pause more often when I'm using my PC to watch YouTube videos than when I'm using my ST600 box to watch YouTube videos.

Overall, I would say that just like during my last blog entry regarding my YouTube experience with my ST600 box, I'm satisfied with using it to watch YouTube videos.

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  1. ok so where do i enter the code that they give you with the lg system. i get everything but my youtube material because i don't know where to enter the code. can you help with that

    1. Thank you rachelle pare for reading and commenting on my blog.

      Unfortunately I don't have any personal YouTube material so I'm unable to test this but as mentioned in my blog post above, you should enter the code that is generated by your LG Smart TV Upgrader Box **HERE**.

      You must log onto YouTube on your computer before clicking on the above hyperlink. After you link your LG Smart TV Upgrader Box to your YouTube account, you should be able to view your personal videos/subscriptions (however, I haven't tested this with the personal videos feature since I don't have any of my own on my YouTube account, I only have subscriptions).

      I hope that this helps.