Sunday, June 24, 2012

My thoughts/review of Marvel: Avengers Alliance Facebook Game

I enjoy playing the occasional video game and one of the "free" games that I am currently playing on Facebook is a game called Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Marvel Avengers Alliance is a simple flash game based on various heroes from the Marvel universe.

The game involves your team of 3 characters comprising of a SHIELD agent and two heroes. In Chapter 1 of the game, you start the game with Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. Each hero belongs to one of five classes (blaster, bruiser, infiltrator, tactician, scrapper, and generalist). Your SHIELD agent starts off as a generalist but you can change it at later levels by research and purchasing the appropriate uniform.

It is a "free" game in the fact that it is possible to play this game without spending any real money on it. When I first started playing it, the only game commodity that you could directly purchase with money was gold. This gold could be used to purchase silver, SHIELD points, or command points. Currently the two game commodities that you can purchase directly with real money is gold and silver. Gold is the more scarce commodity and is rewarded every time your agent gains a level and every time you get 4 stars on a particular mission. Silver is gained via sending your heroes out on the flight deck as well as during battles (and visiting allies). The more allies (Facebook friends who also play Marvel: Avengers Alliance) you have, the easier it is for you to get silver and SHIELD points. As you progress in the game, the game requires a minimum of 3 allies/friends in order to obtain the 8 level 1 ships on the flight deck. If you don't have enough allies, you will have to use gold in order to get the ships or upgrade the ships which is not recommended.

In my opinion, you should only use gold to get weapons and inventory items (mainly ISO-8 items which increase the statistics for your heroes/agent). The only other time I would use gold in the game is if there was a limited hero/uniform that you did not have enough command points to purchase directly before the deadline expires. Command points (which are used to purchase new heroes or uniforms for the heroes) seems like hard items to get is somewhat easy to get by going to a particular battle in a chapter mission and fighting these hidden "epic bosses" and once they drop their command point, you let your team get killed. Although very boring, you repeat this until you get enough command points to purchase your hero or a hero's uniform. Currently, hero prices range from 15 command points to 90 command points. Generally, the high tier heroes have better abilities/powers or are more popular. An example of a high tier (90 command points) hero would be Spider-Man while an example of a lower tier (15 command points) would be Invisible Girl.

Heroes gain special abilities when they reach level 2, level 6, and level 9. Their abilities/powers have various strengths and weaknesses.

There is so much about this game that it is impossible to write one blog entry that covers this game entirely. As such depending on the interest, I might write additional blog entries regarding Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

If you like the heroes in the Marvel universe and you have a Facebook account, you can give this game a try. The game has its good points and bad points. One of the bad points is the random sales/pricing that the game developers seem to often practice. What this means is that sometimes when you see an item for sale in the store for a certain price, it is possible that another player has a different (lower or higher) price for the exact same item.

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