Sunday, July 1, 2012

iomega StorCenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition Review

I've been testing the iomega StorCenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition for a few months. Prior to testing this item, I used a no-name NAS (network-attached storage) drive which was problematic when transferring files to/from the device.

With the iomega StorCenter ix2, I find the performance to be very good. I've rarely had problems transferring files to/from the device.

I set my StorCenter ix2 as a Mirror RAID-1 storage device so the files that I place onto the device is replicated between both hard drives.

As of this review, the firmware is at the latest version ( The firmware is very easy to update. The only thing that I don't really like regarding updating the firmware is that it requires logging into iomega's website. After downloading it, you basically open up a browser to the IP address of the NAS drive and you go to the proper menu option to upload the TGZ file into the device.

The firmware appears to be updated regularly since I've been testing it. I would say that there are about 3 firmware updates since I've been evaluating it for approximately 1 year.

I haven't been using the iomega StorCenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition to its full extent since it has a lot of features that although I think is useful to have (like automatic uploading of photos to photo sites or Facebook), I personally don't currently need it. I basically use the device to store pictures, audio files, documents, and some videos. The good thing about this device is that my network media devices (mainly my LG SmartTV Upgrader Box & Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock) have absolutely no problems accessing the information from it.

The iomega StorCenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition specs are located *HERE* so there is little point in me detailing all of the items.

Personally I've found the iomega StorCenter ix-200 Cloud Edition very easy to configure and very easy to use. The only thing that I've read is that even though it has user replaceable hard drives, if you replace the hard drive yourself, you basically void the warranty. I've also read that only certain hard drives can be used in the device and the hard drives are not "hot-swappable". In any event, I am hoping that I won't have to replace the hard drives any time soon.

I've connected an external USB drive to the iomega StorCenter ix-200 Cloud Edition (there are 3 USB ports on the device) and was able to access the information from the external USB drive (format of my external USB drive is FAT32 and NTFS). I also tested it with a USB thumb drive and I also didn't have any issues accessing information from the thumb drive. The USB ports can also be used for a USB printer (since it supports printers) but I didn't test it with my printer since my printer is WiFi capable and is located away from the ix-200 drive.

Something that the iomega also supports is torrent downloads without a dedicated PC. I have not tested this since I generally don't use torrents.

All in all, I've been satisfied with the performance of the iomega StorCenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition NAS drive. It is a considered a "home office / small office" device and I can't really see it being used in a real office environment.

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  1. Have had good luck so far with an IX2 and Linux Mint. It is a big improvement to the old Iomega DataStor. Much cooler and quiter. Raid is sensitive and powering the IX2 with a UPS will save you headaches.

    1. Thank you Eric Elder for taking the time to read my blog and post your comment.