Monday, January 28, 2013

Innovative Technology Wireless Headphones Review

I purchased the Innovative Technology Wireless Headphones during the Black Friday sale in 2012 and finally got a chance to open the package and test out the wireless headphones recently.

Unlike the Nexxtech Wireless Headphones that I purchased awhile ago, the Innovative Technology Wireless Headphones does not incorporate a recharging stand. The headphones uses two AAA batteries and the transmitter uses tree AAA batteries (however, the transmitter does include an AC adapter).

The transmitter looks nice and when powered on, the LED glows blue. The transmitter has a wire sticking out of it that is labelled as being the antenna. The unit comes with an audio RCA to 3.5mm audio adapter. The transmitter has a 3.5mm port and comes with the cable that plugs into it.

Since the unit doesn't include any batteries, I took two rechargeable AAA batteries that I had and put them into the wireless headphones. The headphones are as comfortable as the headphones from my Nexxtech Wireless Headphones. I connected the transmitter into the television audio out and not wanting to use AAA batteries in the transmitter, I used the included AC adapter.

After plugging in the transmitter to my television set, I attempted to get the unit to work and for some strange reason, I started to hear a radio station even though the television was on a "regular" station. I attempted to scan the frequencies using the scan/reset button on the headphones and it seemed to have locked onto the proper audio for the transmitter. However, interference from radio stations seems to be a problem with my headphones. I'm not sure if this is because of the area where I live (the radio station's transmission could be on the same frequency as the wireless headphones) or whether it is an inherit problem with these wireless headphones (the Innovative Technology wireless transmitter does not have any way of picking a different frequency). The headphones allow for scanning but the interference strength of a local radio station at times made listening to what I wanted to listen to problematic (i.e. sometimes it worked without any issues while other times the radio station was louder than what I wanted to listen to). Adjusting the wire (antenna) on the base transmitter unit didn't make a difference in terms of my listening pleasure (or listening displeasure).

In terms of sound quality, even though I am not an audiophile (i.e. you won't find me comparing the bass/treble sounds of headphones or speakers), I find the sound quality to not be as good as what I receive with the Nexxtech Wireless Headphones when it worked. Although I can still hear what is being transmitted, I find that there is more distortion and static coming from the Innovative Technology Wireless Headphones.

I bought the Innovative Technology Wireless Headphones on sale (at roughly $15 less than how much I paid for the Nexxtech Wireless Headphones when they were also on sale) and based on the convenience of the charging stand/transmitter and the better sound quality, I would go for the Nexxtech Wireless Headphones unless you really want to save ~$15 and/or you really need a transmitter that can also be battery powered.

The working distance for the Innovative Technology Wireless Headphones seems to be roughly the same as what I was receiving from the Nexxtech Wireless Headphones although there is noticeable interference.

The one thing about these headphones is that they also can work as wired headphones since there is an audio in port on them (unlike with the Nexxtech Wireless Headphones which does not have this port). I didn't try to use the headphones as wired headphones but I consider this a positive.

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