Monday, February 25, 2013

XE Currency Conversion Application

While I'm waiting for some new hardware/electronic items to evaluate/review, I thought that rather than not posting a blog entry for the week, I would start evaluating some applications that I use on my smartphones.

One of the programs that I've installed on all my smartphones (Blackberry Bold 9700, Samsung Nexus-S, and iPhone 3GS) is a currency conversion program called XE Currency. I use it mainly get the Canadian and US exchange rates but I've also used it to get the Swedish rate as well as some of the Asian currencies.

The program works very similar on all the smartphones that I own. You basically set up a home currency and then add a few countries that you want to get the currency of or that you want to keep track of.

After adding the countries, you can configure the number of decimal places for the currencies. The number of decimal places is universal for all the currencies in your list and is not individually set for each country's currency.

Normally I keep a value of "1" for the home country and every time I start the application, the program will download the exchange rates for the other countries and get the exchange rate for "1" unit (ex: dollar) of the home country. If my home country is set to Canada, and I want to know how much $159.95 is in US dollars (and the US is one of the countries in my list), I will replace the $1 in the Canadian field with $159.95 and the program will automatically convert show how much $159.95 is in US dollars.

XE Currency Converter is a very useful application for anyone who travels. The only negative thing about this program is that it has an advertisement banner on it but then again the application is free.

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