Monday, April 29, 2013

Sony Glasstron Personal LCD Monitor Glasses PLM-A35 Review

I've used the Sony Glasstron Personal LCD Monitor Glasses PLM-A35 for awhile and decided to write a review of the product. The product is a few years old so if interested in the product, you will have to purchase it second hand.

According to the specifications, the glasses simulate watching a 50" display approximately 7 feet away from you. I find the picture quality to be "adequate" for watching a movie or television show or playing a video game. The resolution isn't high enough to do any reading at least for more than a few minutes.

The glasses are attached to a small box (roughly the same size as a regular sized computer mouse). On the box, there is the volume control, a series of on/off switches, the brightness control, an S-Video port, an A/V port with what seems to be a proprietary cable that outputs to the standard 3 RCA (yellow - video, red & white for audio) cables, and the AC adapter port. The box also houses an optional battery.

The glasses have 2 earphone buds. The earphone buds also attach to the side of the glasses when not in use. I find that the cable attached to the earphone buds to be on the short side. They do reach my ears but I find it to be somewhat tight.

I've used the Sony Glasstron Personal LCD Monitor glasses when playing video games or for watching DVDs or VHS cassettes (or plugged into my Tivo or television receiver box) when I don't want to disturb the other people in the room. It is extremely useful for watching a video in the bedroom in bed when you don't want to disturb the person next to you.

The glasses are meant for adults only and have a safety feature that powers itself off after 3 hours of continued use. When using the glasses and you are close to the 3 hour time limit, you will see a warning message flash on the screen for a few seconds prior to the glasses powering itself off. There is an over-ride button but I would only recommend using the over-ride button for a few minutes after the 3 hour time limit. Continued prolonged use of the glasses can cause eye fatigue. Over-riding the safety feature can cause damage to the eyes.

The negative thing with the Sony Glasstron Personal LCD Monitor Glasses is that it is not for everyone. According to the documentation, certain people will experience eye fatigue, nausea, or dizziness. Personally, I've never had any issues with using the glasses. However when I lent it to one of my friends, he did find that it was causing to give him headaches.

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  1. Where did you buy this? I can't seem to find a single listing on eBay...