Monday, July 1, 2013

LG Nexus-4 Dislikes

Sorry that I didn't post anything to my blog last week but I was out of town and my internet connection wasn't stable. I wrote about some of the things that I dislike about the Blackberry Q10 a few weeks ago and someone asked me what I disliked about my LG Nexus-4 and because I'm not a Blackberry hater, I've decided to dedicate a blog entry on what I dislike about my LG Nexus-4.

Please note that as mentioned in my previous blog entry regarding the LG Nexus-4, the LG Nexus-4 represents my Android phone upgrade from my Samsung Nexus-S (just like the Blackberry Q10 represents the Blackberry phone upgrade from my old Blackberry Bold 9700).

The first thing that I don't like about my LG Nexus-4 is that the SIM card extraction hole is too small for a paper-clip. I can use a paper-clip to extract the SIM card from my iPhone 3GS but the LG Nexus-4 requires a very thin SIM extraction tool (which is included with the phone). Since a paper clip won't work on the LG Nexus-4, when I plan on swapping my SIM card (for example, when I'm travelling), I must remember to bring my SIM extraction tool.

The second thing that I don't really like about my LG Nexus-4 is that it doesn't have a user removable/replaceable battery. My Samsung Nexus-S had the user removable/replaceable battery and I've just replaced the battery for that unit. I expect that after a few years, the LG Nexus-4's battery will not maintain its charge and I will either have to look at hacking it to replace the battery or purchase a new Android phone.

The third thing that I don't like about the LG Nexus-4 is that straight out of the box, it is not LTE capable. When most phones on the market today (being released at the same time as the LG Nexus-4) is LTE capable, it not being LTE capable might be a deal breaker for some people. According to some documention, there is a way to make it LTE capable but I haven't tried this with my Nexus-4 yet since the data plan that I have with my Nexus-4 is limited to 3G speeds.

The fourth thing that I don't really like about the LG Nexus-4 is that the output/external speaker is located on the back of the phone. This means when I place my phone on a table as I'm viewing a video/movie, the sound is a bit muffled coming out of the output/external speaker.

Those are my main dislikes regarding the LG Nexus-4 when I compare it with my older Samsung Nexus-S. I wasn't too thrilled with the LG Nexus-4 using a microSIM card but most of the newer phones use a microSIM card as opposed to the larger miniSIM card.

Although I haven't experienced this with my LG Nexus-4, a few of my work colleagues mentioned that it is somewhat fragile and one of my work colleague's Nexus-4 front glass panel shattered when he accidentally dropped it. So far, I have never dropped my Samsung Nexus-S which I've had for over 5 years nor have I ever dropped my LG Nexus-4 which I've had for a few months so I can't say which is more fragile (nor am I willing to test which is more fragile). Both my Samsung Nexus-S and my LG Nexus-4 are in a thin plastic hard case which offers a bit more protection but I'm not sure how either of them would do if they accidentally fell from a height of ~4 feet (which is the height that I normally have my phones when I'm using them for something other than talking).

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