Monday, October 14, 2013

Blackberry Playbook Update (2.1.1753)

I don't use my Blackberry Playbook on a daily or even on a weekly basis since with all the electronic gadgets that I have which are capable of browsing the internet and reading e-mail messages, I will only generally use my Playbook only when the battery is low on my other tablets. When I turned on my Blackberry Playbook a few days ago, I received a notification that there was an update to perform.

The update was 2.1.1753 and was listed as being 397 MB in size. Previously, my Blackberry Playbook was running

I didn't monitor the download entirely since it was a 2 or 3 step process depending on your viewpoint (downloading and then installing and of course a reboot). During the updating process, the message on the Playbook mentions that it should be plugged in. Even though the battery power on my Playbook was full, I didn't try to see whether it will work unplugged.

Since the first part of the process requires downloading the 397 MB update. For me the entire update process was close to 1 hour. As mentioned, I did not monitor the entire process but at the 1 hour mark, I checked the Playbook screen and it displayed a message indicating that a reboot/restart was necessary.

I clicked on the reboot/restart and after the standard boot-up time, I went back into my Playbook and tried out a few of the applications to see if I could notice any differences.

I didn't notice any differences. I checked Facebook and just like previously, the profile pictures for the news feeds don't appear.

At the same time, I looked at my Acer tablet and there was also an update listed for it as well. I will apply this update at a later date but will definitely apply it since I believe in keeping all software and tablet/phone OSes updated whenever possible.

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