Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blackberry 10 System Update Available for

Blackberry has recently made Blackberry v10.2.1.537 available this week.

I received the notification of the update on my Blackberry Q10 yesterday and I installed it. I will be writing about the update process in my next blog entry.

I've been using my Blackberry Q10 running v10.2.1.537 for about 1 day and I really like it. The thing that I like most about it is the ability to install Android APK files without having to convert them into BAR files first. I managed to install a lot of Android APK files on my Blackberry Q10 today and these Android applications work flawlessly on my Blackberry Q10. I also tried the FM radio function on v10.2.1.537 and I liked it a lot even though it required the headphones to be plugged in (the headphones are used as an antenna for the FM radio).

You can get information about the 10.2.1 update and the changes/enhancements that it brings from Blackberry's official blog *HERE* (for some reason they omit mentioning that v10.2.1 brings the ability to easily install Android APK files onto a Blackberry 10 device).

My next blog entry will detail my experience updating my Blackberry Q10 to v10.2.1.537.

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  1. the update has been a nightmare for me. Yes, there are added features but several native BB apps have stopped working - skype being the biggest one. I have also not had any success in being able to install apps from Playstore as installer only "processes" but never completes processing and so the app doesn't run. This has been my experience...

    1. Thank you vilyuum for reading and taking the time to post a comment on my blog. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I don't use Skype on my Blackberry Q10 so I didn't have the same experience as you after installing v10.2.1.537. The only thing that I did notice is that the battery seems to drain a lot faster and my Blackberry Q10 also seems to get hotter. I'm not sure if this is due to me running Android APK apps on it or some other reason