Monday, February 3, 2014

Blackberry 10 Installation Process to

Blackberry released v10.2.1.537 for their Blackberry 10 phones recently and I decided to update my Blackberry Q10 last week.

The size of the update was ~310MB. I didn't time the update but I did check it at the 1 hour mark and again at the 1 hour & 30 minute mark and my Blackberry Q10 was finished applying the update after 1 hour & 30 minutes and I received a message to reboot my phone.

The update process was completely seamless and trouble-free. I was a bit worried during the reboot process as the reboot process seemed to take longer than expected.

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, the two things about this update that I liked was the ability to install APK files directly onto my Blackberry Q10 without first having to convert the APK file to a BAR file was was problematic and the ability to listen to FM radio broadcasts during on the phone without using a data connection of any kind.

During the installing/updating my Blackberry Q10 to v10.2.1.537, I kept my Blackberry Q10 connected to a power source (which I believe is a requirement for the upgrade to work). I didn't try it but if the installation/updating works without it being plugged into a power source, I wouldn't recommend it since if the Blackberry were to run out of power mid-install/upgrade, your Blackberry might no longer boot up.

The version of the OS that I had previously was Software Release (OS Version

The update process was a 2-step non-user prompted process (if you exclude the reboot step). The first step as shown by the snapshot below was the downloading process. The download connection speed that I was using during the upgrade process was ~2 Mbits/second.

After the update finished downloading, it automatically installed it without any user intervention.

As mentioned, I didn't exactly time the  process but checked my phone twice during the upgrade process and after 1 hour & 30 minutes, I received a message prompting me to reboot my phone. I rebooted my phone and it seemed to take longer to boot up than normally (although I didn't time it, I would say that it took maybe about 5 minutes).

After my Blackberry Q10 rebooted, I was able to access the phone again and I obtained the screenshot below.

I then verified the version of Blackberry OS I had after the upgrade and I obtained the screenshot below:

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