Monday, March 3, 2014

Blackberry 10 System Update Available for

I received a prompt on my Blackberry Q10 about 2 days ago regarding a minor update that was available for my device to

My Blackberry Q10 was at prior to me receiving the prompt to update to

This was a minor update and was only 39MB in size. The update happened in the background with my Blackberry Q10. After my Blackberry automatically downloaded and automatically installed this minor update, I was informed that the update finished installing and I was prompted to reboot my phone.

I did not reboot immediately since I was in the process of typing a few e-mail messages when I received the message to reboot my phone. The reboot process seemed to take longer than a normal reboot (or it might have just been my imagination) and after my Blackberry Q10 rebooted, I checked the version that I had on my Blackberry Q10 and I was updated to

I tested the upgrade for a few days hoping that it would solve 2 issues that I noticed after I updated my Blackberry Q10 to Unfortunately both of the issues that I experienced don't seem to be corrected with

One of the two issues that I noticed (which I'm still experiencing despite updating to is an issue where my phone will get extremely hot when I'm either browsing the web or performing certain other tasks (like browsing Facebook, reading the Twitter Tweets, etc.). The other issue that I experienced since I upgraded to is that my Blackberry Q10's battery would drain faster than previously. As mentioned, both these issues are still present with

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