Monday, March 2, 2015

Blackberry 10 Software Update Available for

There was a somewhat major software update on Blackberry 10 devices last week. The update brought Blackberry 10 devices all to v10.3.1.1565. I was using a Blackberry Passport so the update for my Blackberry was not as large as for other Blackberry 10 devices such as the Z10, Q10, & Z30. The update was "only" 470MB on my Blackberry Passport which was previously running Most of the other Blackberry 10 devices (if they were running official releases of the OS) were running a variant of 10.2.1.

The update for v10.3.1.1565 was very straightforward. Since my Blackberry Passport was already running v10.3.0, I was already used to to some of the features that comes with the v10.3.1.1565 update such as the Amazon Appstore, Blackberry Blend, and Blackberry Assistant.

The update recommends keeping the device plugged into a power source during the update but because I didn't have my AC adapter with me and my Blackberry Passport was fully charged (it was above 95%), I started the update process without plugging in my device to a power source. This didn't present any issues. The downloading/installation took ~1.5 hours.

The update process was straightforward and after accepting the update, I was presented with the screenshot below asking me to restart the device.

After my device restarted, my Blackberry Passport continued to apply the update without any issues. The restarting of my Blackberry Passport took ~20 minutes.

After my Blackberry Passport restarted, I verified the Settings and it was updated to

In terms of the update, I've been using it for approximately one week now and I don't notice anything significant since I was already using 10.3.0 prior to the update to 10.3.1. What I did notice was that the unlock screen font is larger and I also noticed that the Systems Settings changed somewhat.

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