Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I haven't written a blog entry in over a year (last blog entry was in December 2015 for my Moto-360 watch). I still wear/use my Moto-360 watch. I had the back plate repaired prior to the 1 year warranty expiring with what I consider to be a manufacturer's defect in the design of the Moto-360 watch. I'll probably write a blog entry of this in 2017 in greater detail.

During my absence from posting/updating my blog, I tested/purchased a ZTE Axon-7, continued to test/use my Blackberry Passport, Blackberry Q10, and Blackberry Priv. I've also tested a NetGear AC763S Wireless Mobile Hotspot which I'm hoping to be able to write about in 2017 provided that I have the time. I also purchased a few other electronic items and/or gadgets during that time as well as purchased some applications that I would also like to write about on my blog in 2017.

With some of the things that I purchased or talked about in early blog entries/reviews, I'm also hoping to be able to create a new blog entry with my updated thoughts or changes to these products in 2017.

Hopefully I'll be able to maintain the pace of one blog entry/review per week in 2017.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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