Monday, January 9, 2017

Netflix Region Restrictions

I posted a few blogs regarding such services as Blockless and Unblock-Us which will allow users to pay a monthly fee and then use their DNS service which would trick Netflix into thinking that the subscriber was in a different country. Last year in the early part of the year, Netflix took aggressive action to stop these services and VPN services from working on their services. Unblock-Us will still work with some television broadcaster's websites (ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.) and allow subscribers to watch videos/episodes from their websites but since I'm subscribed to a separate VPN service, I opted not to continue my subscription to Unblock-Us.

I was subscribed to Unblock-Us DNS service as well as a VPN service and both services stopped working with Netflix. I opted to keep my VPN service since there are other uses for the VPN service that I subscribe to beyond using it with Netflix and it has all the features of Unblock-Us DNS Service and offers me the additional benefit of encryption when I'm using public hotspots.

I generally always connect to my VPN service whenever I use my Android tablet, my laptop, and my Android smartphones and even when I select my home country for my IP address, Netflix will load and show the show catalogue for that country but when selecting the show/movie/video to watch even if that show/movie/video is available in my home country, a message will appear stating that I'm using an unblocking service or proxy and Netflix will not work. For more information, it refers me to

With the amount of videos/shows that are currently in my personal Netflix listing, currently I haven't investigated some options of bypassing the home country restriction. These services might work for the short term and because of the amount of videos/movies/shows that I've added to my personal Netflix list, I just don't feel that it is worthwhile at this point for me to pay the extra fees to gain additional offerings. I also access to CraveTV and TMN application which gives me more than enough things to watch without paying an additional monthly fee to get the offerings from a different country.

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