Monday, May 27, 2013

Unblock-Us Manager Android Application Review

I've been using Unblock-Us for a few months and I'm really a fan of their service especially since it allows me to watch the different Netflix countries video offerings. As mentioned in my previous blog entries on Unblock-Us (I've written about 5 reviews on this service), I'm a Netflix subscriber and I find the additional subscription that I pay for Unblock-Us service to be worthwhile.

I will watch Netflix on my television using mainly two of my Android devices. The first device is my Rikomagic MK802IIIS Android HDMI stick and the second device is my Acer Iconia A100 Android tablet. When I am not at home, I will also occasionally use my Samsung Nexus-S or my LG Nexus-4 to watch some Netflix movies.

The Unblock-Us Manager available from the Google Play Store makes using Unblock-Us and Netflix a lot easier. The developer of the program (Matthias K├Ąppler) is not affiliated with Unblock-Us. In order for this program to work, your Android device must be using the Unblock-Us DNS settings. I've configured my home router to use the Unblock-Us DNS settings so I use the Unblock-Us Manager program mainly to toggle/switch between the different countries before starting up Netflix.

The program is pretty straightforward. After installing it, you must configure the program by entering your e-mail address used for Unblock-Us service and pick the country that you want to use for Netflix. If your Android device is not connected to a wireless router or access point that uses the Unblock-Us DNS settings, you will also have to manually change the DNS settings for your Android device. After doing all of this, you will be able to easily watch the Netflix video selections from any of the 9 countries that Unblock-Us allows (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, & Finland). However, in order to switch between the different countries, it is necessary to fully exit/quit Netflix using either a task manager program or the built-in Apps settings before using Unblock-Us Manager to change the country selection.

I find that the program works very well and I don't have a problem recommending Unblock-Us Manager for anyone who has an Android device and subscribes both to Netflix as well as Unblock-Us. The best thing about this program is that it is free. The Unblock-Us service is also free as a 7 day trial.

Please feel free to read my various other blog entries about Unblock-Us.

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