Monday, February 11, 2013

YouTube Remote for Android Review

I've tried the YouTube Remote for Android for a few weeks now and thought that I would write a review on it.

The YouTube Remote application allows you to remotely play YouTube videos on another device like a SmartTV with YouTube capabilities. What you have to do is add your SmartTV to the YouTube Remote program. To do this, you would either go to or you would go into the YouTube Remote application and go to "My YouTube" and then pair the device.

On your Android device you would basically at the screen. I've tried using my Chromebook as a screen as well as my LG Smart TV Upgrader Box and got similar results for both of them.

The YouTube Remote application works but in my opinion it doesn't work as well as it should. You can add a list of YouTube videos to display. However, sometimes I've noticed that the YouTube Remote application will not find the device configured as the screen even though they are on the same network and both have a very good connection. It will then display the video on the application window on the upper right corner of the screen. Also, when viewing a lot of videos in sequence, the application stays on all the time. Turning off the Android device causes problems for the videos which sometimes range from the video stopping after it has finished playing (won't play the next video) or the video repeating.

I've also noticed that sometimes the YouTube Remote application will find the video but refuse to play it on the device configured as the screen as well as on the YouTube Remote application as well.

I find that YouTube Remote for Android is a useful tool but is not a "must-have" for people who watch YouTube on their SmartTVs.

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