Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Android 4.4.3 Available for LG Nexus-4

A few weeks ago, I received a prompt on the upper right corner of my LG Nexus-4 screen informing me that there was a system update available. I decided to update my LG Nexus-4 with the new system update.

Since I already had Android 4.4 on my LG Nexus-4, I wasn't expecting anything dramatic with this update to 4.4.3.

The entire update process took approximately 20 minutes. Since my LG Nexus-4 was encrypted based on the system settings, your update process will probably be shorter.

When I went to the system update screen, I was presented with the following screen:

Selecting the "Restart & install" initiated the installation process which comprised of a restart of my system where I obtained the following screens:

After the above screen finished, my LG Nexus-4 rebooted and I was prompted for my decrypt password. When I entered my decrypt password, the rebooting continued. When my LG Nexus-4 fully rebooted/restarted, I checked the system settings to see that I now had 4.4.3 on my LG Nexus 4.

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